Technical fabrics » C800

Composition: PVC
Weight: 620 gr./mq
Thickness: 0,50 mm
Breaking strength: L= 220 Kg/m2 - h= 210 Kg/m2
Tear strength: 6 Kg/mm2
Temperature: -10°C / +65°C
Welded Zip system: front side or back
Hardness: 2s
Junction processing: junction every 2500 mm
Code: C800
Name: C800
Gtot e:  
Roll height: 1400 mm
Gamma color-coordinated:  



The technical fabrics shown in this site are a selection of the available tissues for the realisation of the roller blinds. We recommend to contact us or to consult your retailer of trust for further explanations.
Because of technical limits for the display and the print the colours reproduced in this document can differ from the real colours. We recommend to control the colour chart with the tissue samples before making any order.