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With the aim to offer an increasingly complete range of technical fabrics, we have chosen to propose three other new fabrics (grouped in two sample cards, available on request) which have different characteristics from those already present in our collection. The first two, S86 and Mesh 350, are very “open” fabrics, which allow a considerable passage of light and air; a choice for these fabrics can be made, for example, for environments where there is not much natural light or where is preferable to have a high visibility to the outside. The Starscreen® Tempotest fabric, on the other hand, is an innovative fabric, with a large width, very similar to the touch of classic acrylic fabrics, and it was introduced on the market a few years ago by the Parà company.
Let's see in detail what are the main features:
Fabric S86-Mesh 350 swatch card
S86 is an outdoor filtering fabric, made of PVC coated polyester, available in height 1.77 and / or 2.67 meters (according to the colors) and approved in Italian Class 1 of fireproofing; as anticipated it is characterized by a high openess factor (OF) equal to 14%. Many of its 20 colors can be combined with the shades of the S92 (outdoor filtering), B92 (outdoor blockout) and S99 (indoor filtering) fabrics. The other outdoor filtering fabric of this swatch card, Mesh 350, is available in 5 different colors, it is also very open and it is made of PVC coated polyester, is available in a single width of 3.20 meters and it is approved Italian Class 1 flame retardant. Produced in Italy, it has a particular Raschel mesh, which thanks to the intermediate wire between the warp and weft helps its reinforcement against tears (we note that this particular feature can sometimes create a not always homogeneous opening of the holes, giving the impression of having a sort of "scratched" effect).
Fabric Starscreen® swatch card
The Starscreen® Tempotest Parà filtering fabric (OF = 3.5%) is completely PVC-free and is made of polyethylene FR dyed in mass with a specific treatment in order to make it soil and mould resistant and water-oil repellent, guaranteeing at the same time a remarkable dimensional stability. The textile feature makes its look very similar to an acrylic fabric; with its 17 available colors, it has a roll width of 3.25 meters, which in certain situations makes it preferable to other acrylic fabrics that may have joints in large dimensions. Another significant advantage over standard acrylics is given by the Italian Class 1 fire reaction.




Over the years the sector for sun protection and curtains for inside and outside has been confirmed as an important part in the world of architecture thanks to the heightened functionality of the products, the developed technological research for the used materials and for the undoubted character and the aesthetical elegance.

In this evolving ambit it is indispensable to understand new needs quickly and to adapt the products or to develop new technical solutions, enhancing the aesthetic.

Marinello Tende is always ready to receive specific demands of every client to realise a product of maximal satisfaction.