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New fabric cards 2020

In view of the approaching summer, we thought to expand the offer of our fabric range, proposing new solutions that can satisfy, in addition to the purely aesthetic aspect, also two points that we have always considered fundamental,practicality and economy.
To do this, 5 new sample folders will be released shortly for a total of 7 new fabrics, 5 for outdoors and 2 for indoors (to cope with this new entry, we have decided not to offer the S400-SL400-S3 fabrics anymore) . Please note that the 4103 blue color of the SOFT fabric is no longer available.

1 - CRISTAL fabrics card
With regard to the Cristal transparent outdoor fabric, we have decided to propose a fully dedicated fabric card, reporting the possible processes ("invisible" vertical joints in the case of Cristal C801 or horizontal joints for the C802 and other variants) and the different configurations available. In addition to the already known C800 window and Vinitex 3x3, we have decided to offer the smoked version (burnished C800) and the dim-out version of the aforementioned Vinitex, that is the Vinitex 9x9 product which consists in having the polyester threads much more "dense ”Compared to the 3x3 version.

2 - fabrics card S92-B92
S92 is an outdoor filtering fabric, made of PVC coated polyester, available in 1.77 and / or 2.67 meters height and approved in Class 1 fireproofing; compared to the colors of the previous color chart, six new colors are now proposed. The B92 fabric, external blackout fabric with aluminum-coated back, has six colors all matching with some of the colors of the S92 filtering version: an excellent solution for those looking for filtering and privacy solutions in the same context.

3 - fabrics card S96-SW96-A410-AW410
Together with the already known series of outdoor fabrics S96 (filtering) and SW96 (waterproof dim-out, with its five colors that can be combined with the filtering version), we have decided to combine two fabrics with similar characteristics: A410 (filtering, approved fireproof in Class 1 and available in 9 colors) and AW410 (waterproof dim-out, available in white and beige). A410 and AW410 are both made in Germany, they are made of polyester with PVC coating, they are available in 3 meters height and have a definitely competitive price; furthermore, a characteristic of these two fabrics is the particular "self-cleaning" glossy lacquer, specially designed to allow the drops of rainwater that would otherwise remain on the sheet to slide off.

4 - fabrics card P302-P622 BO
The P302 fabric, an outdoor fabric made of polyester with PVC coating, is now re-presented with the addition of 12 shades, with the aim of offering an even wider range of colors in order to satisfy the most varied uses: this fabric is in fact recommended for applications with Cristal windows and can respond to different color needs such as those required by bars or swimming pools. The P622 BO sheet, available in 2.5 or 2.67 meters in height and in six different shades, is an outdoor polyester and PVC blackout, also made with Precontraint® technology which guarantees excellent dimensional stability even for large roller blinds.

5 - fabrics card S380-Office-Patagonia
S380 5% is an already known fabric: indoor filtering, 2.5 or 3.2 meters high, made of PVC-coated fiberglass filaments, fireproof in Class 1, it is an excellent solution for those seeking elegance in large dimensions: one of the advantages of this fabric is in fact the possibility of rotation and joining despite being an indoor fabric. In addition to the 5% aperture, we now also offer the S380 1% version, to give a privacy solution despite having a minimum passage of light. Office, on the other hand, is the “green” and “PVC free” indoor filtering solution, given the Italian production and the total absence of PVC: fabric 3 meters high and in Class 1, it has a very particular aesthetic and is the answer to those looks for elegance combined with a 100% polyester composition. Patagonia, on the other hand, is our gamble: we propose 9 shades of this vintage fabric with a particular "scratched" effect, also fireproof in Class 1, PVC-free and 2 meters high: the answer for those who ask for modest-sized solutions, economy and privacy at the same time.

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Over the years the sector for sun protection and curtains for inside and outside has been confirmed as an important part in the world of architecture thanks to the heightened functionality of the products, the developed technological research for the used materials and for the undoubted character and the aesthetical elegance.

In this evolving ambit it is indispensable to understand new needs quickly and to adapt the products or to develop new technical solutions, enhancing the aesthetic.

Marinello Tende is always ready to receive specific demands of every client to realise a product of maximal satisfaction.