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From 1st march 2006 on, the CE-marking became effective for external roller blinds mounted in a building, obligatory for all constructors who sell their products in the European Community. The marking is the confirmation that the product satisfies determined performances for the intended use. In the case external roller blinds the prerequisite is the wind resistance to ensure the necessary security for the use.

The reference norm UNI EN 13561 provides 3 elements to be able to affix the certification on the finished product:

Initial type testing (ITT)

According to the reference norm EN 1932 a test of the wind resistance has to be done for a sample of every model in its biggest realisable dimensions. This test determines the technical class according to the established performance. The norm provides test criteria for other non-obligatory functions.

Factory production control (FPC)

Every constructor has to certificate his own production process to be able to guarantee the homogeneity of the product performance supposed by the sample. In particular he has to guarantee the receiving inspection of the goods, the frequency of the controls of assembly and testing, the traceability of the products and the procedure in case of non-compliance.

Machinery directive

The compliance of the norm includes also the compliance of the machinery directive. Therefore the producer has to make an analysis of the product risks and the risks of its installation and compile a user and maintenance manual. Every produced roller blind has to have a clearly visible label with the data of the producer, the CE symbol, the reference norm and the technical class.