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Functionality, quality and trend.

In this way we can summarize the characteristics of the fabrics that we will exhibit in the three new swatch cards for this season.

The functionality of fiberglass and PVC outdoor fabrics, particularly suitable for large sizes thanks to the flatness guaranteed by the structure of the fabric itself.

The quality of Serge Ferrar�s Soltis range, which we have decided to expand adding two new interior fabrics to our collection.

The trend of the moment, in particular regarding indoor sun protection, where a certain acoustic comfort is increasingly sought in addition to aesthetics and practicality.

Let's now analyse the cards in detail:

n.b. the cards will be sent in September, if in the meantime you need to receive the sheet cards please contact our sales office at martina@marinellotende.com

1 – S601-B601-S600-B600 Lunar swatch card

In this card we have decided to offer, paired, some of the most popular shades of outdoor fabrics made by fiberglass and PVC, both in the filtering version (S601 and S600) and in the darkening version (B601 and B600 Lunar). The strength of these fabrics, as known, is the flatness given by the glass fibre structure of the fabric. In recent years, we had proposed the S601 and B601 versions as standard, but because of transportation problems not dependent on our will (the pandemic emergency also contributed), we decided to re-propose the S600 and B600 Lunar versions as standard (that have a similar quality if compared to version 601, but they have a different supplier). For this reason, apart from the few shades present exclusively in only one of the two variants, the shades of these two versions are considered as alternatives to each other, unless otherwise indicated and / or delivery times related to the provision of the fabrics.

2 – S203-B203-Touch swatch card

This card presents two interior fabrics already known at Marinello Tende, namely the filtering S203 and the blackout B203, both made of fiberglass and PVC, ideal for those who want to create environments with similar shades by generating spaces that can allow both a passage of light and ensure some privacy. The considerable dimensions of the roll’s width (3.2 meters of maximum width for the filtering one and 2.4 meters for the blackout) can allow large dimensions without joints. The Touch fabric, on the other hand, is related to the new collection of indoor filtering fabrics from the Soltis range, where in addition to the elegance given by the textile aspect of the fabric, a certain acoustic performance is also obtained, thanks to the versions with 3% and 1% opening, allowing a reduction in sound reverberation and improving the acoustic comfort of the occupants.

3 – S99-B99 swatch card

Interior fabrics with moderate thickness, with filtering shades that can be associated with blackout shades, of Soltis quality. These are the peculiarities of the fabrics in this card, where alongside the already well-known S99 filtering fabric we have decided to combine the relative B99 blackout version, similar to what happens for the Soltis outdoor fabrics with higher thickness, i.e., the filtering S92 and the blackout B92. Also in this case, an excellent solution that considers filtering and darkening combination at the same time.

To deal with these new additions, we have decided to not offer B100, Eco and Soft fabrics anymore (available in any case while stocks last)




Over the years the sector for sun protection and curtains for inside and outside has been confirmed as an important part in the world of architecture thanks to the heightened functionality of the products, the developed technological research for the used materials and for the undoubted character and the aesthetical elegance.

In this evolving ambit it is indispensable to understand new needs quickly and to adapt the products or to develop new technical solutions, enhancing the aesthetic.

Marinello Tende is always ready to receive specific demands of every client to realise a product of maximal satisfaction.