Roller blinds » Nassau 70

Nassau 70 is the roller blind that resists wind gusts the most energetic.

It’s compact dimensions make this roller blind not only simple to install but also easy to use.

Another salient characteristic is the minimal required space of the guide.


Chain handling
Motor/gear handling


Roller tube Material: Extruded aluminium tube with recess
Cassette Material / Finishing: Powder-coated extruded aluminium
Ispectable: No
Complements: Seal brush
Bottom rail Material / Finishing: Powder-coated extruded aluminium
Complements: Ballon seal and galvanized steel weight
Guides Material / Finishing: Powder-coated extruded aluminium
Ispectable: Yes
Screws Material: Stainless steel
Handlings Motor: Alternating current AC a 230v / 14-16 rpm
Gear: With folded joint, rod and folding crank handle
Chain: Plastic frictioned chain
Brackets Material / Finishing: Galvanization
Installation types   Self-suporting
  Top fix brackets
Guides installation   Front
  In front of the window
Dimensions Width (mm): 600 min - 2400 max
Height (mm): Depending of the fabric
  Chain Gear Motor
With guides: 2400 max 2400 max 1000 max
Fabric confectioning Roller tube: Cable with tape
Bottom rail: Fold with rigid rod
Guide Z39: Welded ZIP system
Guide Z55: Welded ZIP system
Certification   13561



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The contained information in this page may be imprecise because of possible technical modifications made after realization. The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications without advance notice. Before making orders consult your manufacturer or retailer trusted. The roller blind is designed for the sun protection of the space where it is located. Every other use is inappropriate and dangerous. Marinello Tende cannot be considered responsible for possible damages caused by improper, erroneous and unreasonable use. The roller blind must be installed perpendicular to the horizontal area. When the danger of icing is present the roller blind cannot be operated, in case of strong wind it is necessary to wrap up the roller blind. The fabric can have folds that do not influence the proper functioning of the roller blind.