Technical fabrics » B600 Lunar

Correspond to technical fabric Serge 600 Blockout Lunar by Copaco

Composition: 33% fibreglass - 67% PVC
Fire classification: IT: Classe 1, F: M1, DE: B1
Weight: 678 gr./mq
Thickness: 0,73 mm
Roll width: 2100 mm
Breaking strength: warp: > 224.2 daN/5cm - weft: > 176.6 daN/5cm
Tear strength: warp: ≥ 8.5 daN - weft: ≥ 9 daN
Colour fastness to light: >7
Openess factor: 0%
Maintenance: For a cleaning with not excessive dirt: clean with a non-abrasive sponge soaked in warm water and a neutral detergent.
For an intense cleaning: clean with a solvent consisting of an aqueous solution given by 1 liter of water and 0.1 liter of ethyl alcohol.
ZIP application: Zip welded on the back side, unless otherwise indicated
Junction processing: 2100 mm

N.B. alternative fabric: B601
Code: 002002 white/alu
B601 reference colour: 0202
Code: 001002 grey-white/alu
B601 reference colour: 0102
Code: 007007 pearl grey/alu
B601 reference colour: 0707
Code: 001001 grey/alu
B601 reference colour: 0101
Code: 010010 charcoal/alu
B601 reference colour: 3030



The technical fabrics shown in this site are a selection of the available tissues for the realisation of the roller blinds. We recommend to contact us or to consult your retailer of trust for further explanations.
Because of technical limits for the display and the print the colours reproduced in this document can differ from the real colours. We recommend to control the colour chart with the tissue samples before making any order.