Gtot, solar and optical properties


Gtot is the total factor of solar energy, i.e. the ratio between transmitted energy through the combination of glazing plus solar protection device and incident energy.

Gtot data reported in the downloadable pdf file are related to standard glazing (as required by reference legislation).

Other fabric’s properties are reported; these are necessary if a qualified technician needs to asseverate the effective Gtot (referred to the combination of the present glazing with the adopted solar protection device).

In the document you will find more information about this.

DOWNLOAD GTOT VALUES and solar and optical fabric’s properties

External Gtot calculation



Internal Gtot calculation



Calculation is executed using simplified calculation method as described by standard UNI EN 13363-1, simple to use but with a higher approximation degree. For a more accurate calculation refer to standard UNI EN 13363-2 “Solar protection devices combined with glazing calculation of solar and light transmittance - part 2: EN 13363-2 detailed method”.

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